sea plane rides

Being an island, Sri Lanka is literally surrounded by ocean on every side, and also abounds with many bodies of water be it marine or inland. Thus, a sea plane or a ‘flying boat’ as it were, has become a popular means of travel for tourists who wish to be transported swiftly to their destinations, while enjoying scenic views of the Sri Lankan landscape. Sea planes are usually twin otter planes on straight floats that seat a maximum of 15 passengers. Landing takes places on identified lagoons, reservoirs and lakes, while sea plane travel guarantees that you will reach your destination in 85% less time than if you were traveling by road. We at Fly Sri Lanka are equipped and experienced to deal with VIP handling as well.

Connecting flights to Sri Lankan airlines international flights are scheduled daily and charter flights that follow more scenic routes can also be arranged. Reservations for scheduled flights can be made through Sri Lankan airlines, either by contacting the office directly or by booking online.

Our sea plane tour operators are chosen for their customer service and for their modern fleets. You can choose your flights from daily, fixed departure schedules or have us design a schedule for you. With sea plane travel you can travel fast, travel light and travel in style!